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  • About me and the gallery
  • Hi, my name is Daniel E. Sevo and this is my photo site.
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    Photography is probably my favorite hobby and it only gets more interesting by sharing the results with others.
    Currently, there are some 400 pictures on the site in various categories. Whenever I add new stuff I announce it on Twitter.
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  • My other gallery (on Instagram)
  • So, experience taught me that I can't be bothered with updating 2 separate galleries equally.
    Instagram is is easy and quick, can't deny that.
    Still, in my own gallery I can have whatever categories, sub-categories or folders that I like. Instagram doesn't offer that I also don't have any size restrictions. Even though Instagram left their square only policy behind, some restrictions still apply.

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  • My take on using image manipulation software
  • I'm not gonna lie.
    Every shot in the gallery has passes some sort of image editing software. If you look at the signature in all my photos, it says IMAGE by ... The photo is of course also shot by me, but I use the word 'image' because that's what it is to me. I do what I see fit to make the final image pleasing. I'm not a documentary photographer on a mission to reveal the truth or anything ;-)
    That being said, in 98% of all cases I don't actually add or remove stuff/objects that weren't there in the beginning. I do usually crop, alter colors, contrast, use vintage-filters, extra blur and so forth..
  • About color management issues in various browsers
  • Maybe you're like me and use various browsers to browse the net. I use Chrome, Firefox and (occasionally) IE. They have their various strengths and weaknesses. The problem is that images don't look identical in these browsers. I try to save my color pix with sRGB (or Adobe 1998) color profile and my black and white images with gamma 1.8. Trouble is that especially Firefox tends to render images too dark. (Meaning that dark images can look like crap in FF).
    Therefore, (although I like FF), I have to recommend Chrome as the best browser to see the colors the way I intended them to be. (IE is also better than FF IMO). You can fiddle with about:config in FF to change color management but I figure that most people have the default settings. So that's what counts.
    (My own adjusted FF setting is to set gfx.color_management.value to 0)

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